eLUMINATE conforms to your organization's unique risk tolerances. That means we send only conviction alerts that meet your minimum threshold for severity and relevancy.

You set the dial. We handle it from there.

Informed Decision-Making
Timely and Actionable Alerts
Purpose-Built for Compliance
Easy to Implement

Practical protection. Easy activation. Simple to understand alerts. These are the hallmarks of eLuminate.

Our system contains customization options that are sure to meet your organizational needs. It’s that simple.

We know criminal record data and have more than a billion records to prove it.

Marketing-oriented organizations create wonderfully engaging images while effortlessly capturing the imagination of their clientèle.

BUT, it takes a down-in-the-weeds data aggregation firm to build a record retrieval engine capable of reliably fueling the nation’s most advanced conviction notification system.

Our industry-leading data collection and management platform allows us to retrieve disparate data from thousands of local law enforcement, DMVs and judicial organizations on a daily basis. This data undergoes a variety of automated and manual quality control checks before insertion into our databases. Once there, our sophisticated parsing and name matching algorithms maximize the likelihood that we’ll capture the incidents you need to know most.


Knowing what legal actions are required, prohibited and/or permitted has never been more important. Building a foundation on strong legal footing has never been easier.

All organizations must tread carefully in today’s hyper-regulated and litigious environment. Knowing too little creates risk, knowing too much creates confusion and acting without justification creates liability. But we’ve cleared way forward for you. eLUMINATE was created from the outset by attorneys to be fully compliant with all federal and state laws.
From pilot to permanent - by the numbers:
Distilling an Alert:
0 +
Approximate number of new and timely arrest, warrants and criminal filings consumed by us on average each and every day.
Estimated number of courts and law enforcement agencies represented in our data coverage.
Representative number of employees from an organization enrolled into eLuminate.
Resulting number of criminal charges requiring additional processing, monitoring and/or confirmation efforts.
Criminal charges confirmed by us prior to active filtering and manual confirmation process.
Number of actionable alerts reported by eLuminate.
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