eLUMINATE monitors your current workforce each and every day to alert you to new and relevant criminal convictions.

They Expect You to Know.

Would your customers expect you to know that John H., a relatively new hire in the procurement department, was convicted of two larceny offenses last week? Did Debra M. from customer relations plead guilty to a single count of child endangerment two weeks ago? Was Roger G., an outside sales manager, sentenced for possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia on Tuesday?

Let’s face it: employees convicted of criminal violations rarely self-report criminal offenses that could result in their immediate termination. Why should they? Experience has taught us that the more serious the offense, the less likely the employee is to self-report an important criminal incident.

Do your customers expect more? Would they be surprised that your organization lacks a reliable tool to discover important convictions?

We Begin Where Others Leave Off.

Our first-of-its-kind service provides electronically transmitted alerts to our clients shortly after detecting from public records that a current member of their (previously screened) workforce has been convicted of an offense that makes them ineligible to continue in their current role.

eLUMINATE is a post-hire criminal conviction notification system. It was designed by our attorneys to deliver timely and legally compliant alerts to your organization shortly after a member of your current workforce is convicted of a disqualifying offense.

eLUMINATE is not a pre-employment tool and cannot replace your current pre-employment background screening providers or processes. Instead, our service is a post-hire recognition of the truth that employee risk starts after their date of hire.

               In addition to greatly reducing the chance important incidents escape our notice, the eLuminate alert packages have saved us time and expense.

They provide us with all the investigative documentation required to immediately assess the situation, determine our recommended plan of action, and then share the incident data with HR for a swift solution. We no longer incur the additional expense and delay associated with an internal investigation. 

—SVP Chief Security Officer

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Pony Express in the Digital Age

Gone are the days when a years-old snapshot of prior criminal activity was sufficient. Instant gratification is the expectation of more and more customers. It’s no wonder that data is the new currency of corporations. 

Even in this new world, many organizations continue to cling to a process of initially vetting only the candidates they wish to employ. At best, they run untimely, albeit periodic, “re-screens.” These are typically overly broad in scope and critically limited in geographic coverage. The increase of capabilities has resulted in increased expectations for an employer’s conviction awareness.

The Need for a Better Way

The background screening industry has languished without significant product developments for nearly a generation. Countless vendors continue to rely primarily on individuals to physically search courthouse records, even while touting “national” data searches. How many of these firms have sacrificed transparency in an interest to “color” their coverage map? Never will a mere listing of prisoners released from state prison be a substitute for judicial data.

eLUMINATE lives in this industry, but is a world apart. Coverage is not a marketing exercise. Let us prove how it is the foundation upon which each of our product offerings is built.

Maximum Protection with Minimum Surprises

Easy to deploy and painless to run, eLuminate demonstrates that your company is meeting its obligations to learn of disqualifying convictions by embracing the new status quo for conviction monitoring.

eLUMINATE operates completely in the background to continuously search judicial records across the country for a match to members of your current employee group. By so doing, we enable your organization to mitigate the consequences of unlawful conduct by those permitted to wear your logo.

Only Relevant and Actionable Alerts

Our service adjusts reporting requirements by employee category so the Human Resources function only needs to learn of activity where the crime warrants disciplinary action. This active filtering works to keep irrelevant and uncomfortable incidents off of your desk.

Nor do we burden your staff with status reports that have nominal value and whose only function is to justify the service’s continued existence. Instead, conviction reports are eLuminate’s only customer-accessible output. In other words, the system operates on an exception basis and reaches out to your HR team as critical incidents are verified.

These alerts take the form of a full .pdf downloadable packet of relevant case information. They are delivered securely to your authorized representatives shortly after an enrolled employee has been convicted of a crime prohibited by company policy.

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