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A Comparison of Criminal Conviction Notification Methods

A more efficient and effective means of post-hire criminal notifications is finally here. Our program was designed to overcome many of the shortcomings created by the antiquated “please tell us” and “I’ll check again at some point” processes that organizations have been forced to rely on.

See how eLuminate is a better choice.

Attribute eLUMINATE Periodic Re-Screen Self-Report Policy
Alerts fueled by industry-leading automated monitoring criminal database.
Alerts rely on judicial data coverage that exceeds current industry standards. N/A
Alerts typically provided within days/weeks of conviction.
Alert process runs in the background without HR effort.
Alerts only can be triggered by recent criminal violations.
Alert parameters factor in the role and responsibility of each monitored employee.
Alert parameters exclude irrelevant offenses.
Alerts provided by a ”consumer reporting agency” in accordance with FCRA. N/A
Alerts can include outstanding warrants (albeit with much less geographic coverage).
Alerts include .pdf copy of corresponding governmental record.
Alerts reduce unnecessary additional investigation efforts.
Alerts never created by transmitting employee data to subcontractors or third- party vendors.

Optional Self-Report Management Module

If you choose, eLuminate can be configured to administer your self-reporting process in a simple and consistent manner. We will only alert you to the failure to self-report if the employee’s conduct: (a) meets your company’s notification obligations; and (b) the incident fails to result in an outcome that warrants an Adverse Action response from eLUMINATE for a conviction to a prohibited offense meeting your criteria. This approach yields the following advantages:

  • No more “what do I do with this information” incidents. By outsourcing this obligation to eLUMINATE, we will remove your staff from the need to resolve “messy” incidents. For example, how do you respond to a self-reported DUI that has not been adjudicated if the employee’s job responsibilities do not include driving? 
  • Consistency and fairnessIs it fair that employees who self-report violations are sanctioned when those that roll the dice mostly go unnoticed? Our optional self-reporting management module is designed to create greater consistency in employee treatment. 
  • Liability protection. We limit your risk exposure to employment claims by demonstrating that your actions were based solely on the failure to self-report and not impacted by the underlying charge. We do this by shielding you from the charge information.

Here’s how it works: Your organization modifies its violation notification policy to provide that its employees must self-report through our confidential system. eLUMINATE collects and retains incidents in which the individual failed to self-report. This information is provided to your HR team (without any reference to the underlying incident) only if the underlying incident fails to result in a conviction.

Optional Vendor Oversight Services 

Your organization contracts with third parties to provide services. As a result, external persons often have access to your facilities, technology, data and customers. You’d like to know they meet your safety/security criteria but certainly do not want to manage the process. Nor do you want to somehow become responsible for the treatment of someone else’s employees! 

Our vendor management solution provides your organization with greater confidence that its vendors are maintaining their safety and security obligations. This approach does NOT add administrative headache to your staff, nor does it place your staff in the position of sanctioning a non-employee.  Best of all, the fees for the program are paid entirely by your vendors 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your organization requires its third party vendors to enroll their employees (that are assigned to your organization) into eLuminate.
  2. The monitoring threshold for the vendor’s employees is established to meet your organizational requirements.
  3. The vendor enrolls all relevant employees.
  4. The vendor receives Activity Alerts, as applicable.
  5. For each Activity Alert, the vendor is notified of the deadline (established by you) to remove the disqualified person.
  6. In the unlikely event that the vendor fails to act within the time frame established by your organization at the outset, then the issue is escalated to your administrative liaison for the vendor. 

Optional Volunteer Monitoring Module

Some of our clients engage volunteers to further their mission. eLUMINATE is designed to permit a custom monitoring profile for these individuals. Given the latitude that organizations are afforded by law in how they interact with volunteers, eLuminate can provide alert information before the charges are fully adjudicated, if you so wish. 

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