Our Technology

Unmatched Data Coverage and Quality

eLUMINATE is fueled by one of the most extensive and timely criminal data sets in the country. It is the same database that many large insurers rely on daily to learn of millions of incidents that create underwriting risk. 

All of our 1,500,000,000+ public records were (and continue to be) collected directly from the governmental agency that first created the record. As a result, we are able to better capture charge information and filings from courts across the United States. We also employ data sets from, law enforcement, prosecutors and probation departments to further limit missed incidents.

Such an approach is absolutely unheard of in today’s industry. But that hard work means we can better control the quality of our inputs and can compensate quicker when a data source is offline.

Built on a Foundation of Compliance

Our criminal conviction system is designed as an employee retention tool that adheres to both federal and state labor laws. All “hits” produced by our automated system are manually verified prior to delivery and married to all relevant documentation obtained throughout our subsequent investigation. The resulting actionable criminal alerts (which include a copy of the trial court’s certified disposition report) allow organizations to manage by exception, making eLuminate a set-it and forget-it program for your staff.

Your Employee Data is Protected

Unlike many industry participants, we do NOT need or use employees’ social security numbers. In fairness, that is because we are monitoring specific persons rather than trying to confirm someone is who they say they are. As a result, the information we need is limited to full name, residential address and date of birth.

The own-it-ourselves data approach discussed above also has the benefit of ensuring that your employees’ information will never be sent to a third party screening vendor to help us do our job. 

Automation with Manual Fail-Safes

eLuminate can be deployed and managed with next to no effort. By connecting to your HR platform or selecting our “white glove” deployment, eLuminate operates continuously behind the scenes to keep you informed of exceptions.

All “Activity Alerts” are delivered electronically in a .pdf format that consists of a copy (typically certified) of the court’s actual disposition report. Therefore, your team will never need to decide whether to take action based on a line of information in a third party’s database.

These certified copies are always matched by hand by DDS to confirm their accuracy and relevancy against your specified monitoring criteria. No such report will be sent to you that is more than 15 days old. We do this manual legwork every single time to ensure that the information we provide is as accurate, timely and actionable as possible. 

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