Hospitality Industry Case Study

The following case study highlights the experience of a large hospitality organization in deploying our eLUMINATE service.  It tracks their experience from pilot to complete deployment.

eLUMINATE Deployment Timeline

Contract for pilot signed. Monitoring criteria established.

Client provided a list of employees terminated in prior year due to criminal activity to confirm eLUMINATE’s coverage capabilities.

eLUMINATE returned list with 100% match rate.

Client provided employee list containing approximately 9,000 active employees.

Estimated go-forward volume was computed to be approximately 5-15 alerts per 1,000 employees on an annualized basis. This was accomplished as a statistical analysis using eLUMINATE’s history data.

Significant alert sent to client.

eLUMINATE informed that pilot would be terminated early and the program adopted in full. Client elected to learn of outstanding warrants, as well.


More than a dozen employees were able to resolve their outstanding warrants without re-arrest due to the eLUMINATE warrant notification process.  But more importantly, eLUMINATE identified 127 arrests (and 21 re-arrests), consisting of 321 charges, that resulted in 45 convictions which met our client’s reporting threshold.  This frequency was within the volume predicted by eLUMINATE’s statistical analysis at time of deployment.

Less than 10% of the above incidents included an employee self-alert. On the flip side of the coin, all self-reported offenses were within the alerts submitted by eLUMINATE.

Highlights from the eLUMINATE Activity Alerts in the 6 months after deployment include:

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