Simple Pricing

No long-term commitments and no activation fees. Instead, our billing (just like eLuminate) is transparent, fair and easy to understand.

Monthly Monitoring Fee

A small monthly fee is charged per enrolled employee. The typical fee ranges from $5.00 per month all the way down to less than $2.00 per month. The factors that influence the pricing are the number of persons enrolled in the program and the geographic coverage tier selected. All other filter criteria (e.g., offense severity, crime relevancy) and notification options are included in the monthly monitoring fee. Fees can be itemized by employee group to facilitate your internal cost allocation efforts.

Activity Alert Fee

A one-time document retrieval fee of $75.00 accompanies each Activity Alert (i.e., conviction notification). This expense pays for the information packet and judicial document fees. Activity Alert typically contain both a certified and recent judicial judgment along with a redacted copy of the law enforcement report that led to the initiation of the charge(s). 

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