Table Test

Attribute eLUMINATE Periodic Re-Screen Self-Report Policy
Alerts fueled by industry-leading automated monitoring criminal database.
Alerts rely on extensive judicial coverage throughout the U.S. (rather than a "national" database containing only a dozen or so states of complete data). N/A
Alerts typically provided within days/weeks of conviction.
Alert process runs in the background without HR effort.
Alerts only can be triggered by recent criminal violations.
Alert parameters factor in the role and responsibility of each monitored employee.
Alert parameters exclude irrelevant offenses.
Alerts provided by a ”consumer reporting agency” in accordance with FCRA. N/A
Alerts can include outstanding warrants (albeit with much less geographic coverage).
Alerts include .pdf copy of corresponding governmental record.
Alerts reduce unnecessary additional investigation efforts.
Alerts never created by transmitting employee data to subcontractors or 3rd party vendors. N/A
Provider of alert notification is rewarded for reporting violation activity.
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